Training & Capacity Building

Training and capacity building play crucial roles in the development and growth of individuals, organizations, and communities. These processes encompass a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing knowledge, skills, and competencies, ultimately empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. PRIDE is proud to offer comprehensive training and capacity building programs in various research and academia fields. We understand the importance of nurturing talent and fostering intellectual growth within these domains. Our expert team of trainers and facilitators are dedicated to delivering high-quality training sessions that cater to the specific needs and interests of participants. Whether you are a budding researcher looking to enhance your research methodologies, a scholar seeking to refine your academic writing skills, or an institution aiming to strengthen your faculty's teaching abilities, PRIDE has a range of programs to meet your requirements. From workshops on data analysis and scientific writing to seminars on pedagogical techniques and grant proposal development, we provide a diverse array of training opportunities. Our aim is to empower individuals and institutions with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their respective research and academia fields. Join PRIDE and embark on a transformative learning journey that will unlock your potential and drive success in your chosen domain.



International Labour Organization

Developing capacity of DoL for carrying out labour market analysis and publishing findings in form of Sindh Employment Trends Report 2016 

International Labour Organization

Draft preliminary outcomes and outputs to be further refined through the planned Results Based Management training scheduled in the roadmap. Participate in the various consultative processes defined in the roadmap leading to the final validation of the DWCP. This will also include participation in the RBM Training foreseen.

Future World (Dec 2014-Feb 2015) Establishment of Labour Market Information and Resource Centre

Development of District Sahiwal and Sialkot labour statistics and analysis reports by using Pakistan Living Standard and Measurement Survey. Training on Labour Market Information system to Labour & Human Resource Department staff. 

Federal Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad 

Worked as Statistical Officer in Pakistan Integrated Household Survey (PIHS), which has been started to monitor and evaluate the Social Action Programme. Impart training to the field enumerators Impart training to Key Punch & Verifying Operators for data entry on lap top computers

International Labour Organization

Raising awareness on fundamentals of Gender equity/equality, sex vs gender, access vs control and various theories of gender of partnering institutions. Internalization of ILO Conventions C-100,C-111. Key Indicators of the Labour Market. Highlighting importance of gender desegregated data and how gender can be incorporated effectively into statistical figures. Priority setting for gender sensitive indicators through linkages with Sustainable Development Goals; and, Establishment of an informal group led by PBS (later to be notified) with representation from all provinces and special areas with an aim of statistical coordination among stakeholders and other departments and seek technical advice from PBS.

International Labour Organization and Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms, SDG unit

Assessment of the Participants. Labour Force Survey questionnaire, Manual & Meta data of selected indicators. Hands on exercise (computation of selected indicators; Proportion of women in managerial positions, Proportion of time spent on unpaid domestic and care work, by sex, age and location

Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms, Government of Pakistan

Train the technical Staff of Provincial/Regional & Federal Governments. Three core objectives of five day workshop was to create hand-on of microdata using STATA

International Labour Organization

Delivered training on calculation of youth unemployment Issues and   Prepared training Manual on “Youth Unemployment Issues in Pakistan” for the Labour Market Information and Analysis (LMIA) Unit.

International Labour Office

Delivered five days training to Sindh Employment Report to Sindh Labour Department.

International Labour Office

Provide technical training and capacity building to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics in the analysis of Decent Work Indicators.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

Delivered trainings to Labour & Human Resource Department Punjab on Key indicators of Labour Market by using Labour Force Survey, conducted by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

International Labour Organization

Delivered a two-day training workshop on “Youth Unemployment Issues” at the Federal Bureau of Statistics Training Institute, conducted by the Labour Market Information and Analysis (LMIA) Unit, ILO Pakistan. 

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics  

Provide training to the teams of field enumerators for Key Punching and Verifying Operators (KPVO’s) for data collection and entry in the computer

UK Project and Programme Management

China Statistics in Poverty Policies (Phase-III)

Sweden Statistics in Poverty Policies (Phase-II)

Cambodia Statistics in Poverty Policies (Phase-I)

Management of Rural Poverty Alleviation Programmes at SAARC Human Resource Development Centre, Islamabad

Pakistan Planning and Management Institute, Islamabad

National Centre for Rural Development, Islamabad

Agha Khan Foundation