Support design and implementation of Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for Post Disaster Needs Assessment- Pakistan Floods 2022. (September – October 2022)

Under this assignment for the World Bank, PRIDE was responsible for                                                                                                                             

  • The development of the research tools jointly with the SSI World Bank team
  • Translation of SIA questionnaires and research tools
  • Rapid field testing of SIA questionnaires and research tools in one flood-affected district of KP province,
  • Conducting and transcribing 24 Focus Groups Discussions (6 FGDs in each of four provinces) with participants selected from flood-affected districts.
  • Conducting and transcribing 65 Key Informant Interviews (15 KIIs each in 4 provinces, and 5 at federal/national) with representatives of provincial and federal disaster management agencies, district administrations, development partners and local CSOs/NGOs, as well as humanitarian and relief organization officials and disaster risk management/resilience expert
  • Collating and coding qualitative data from FGD and KII transcripts to streamline analysis of key themes and trends; supplement information using the same coding system, with secondary provincial and/or district-level quantitative data on the social impacts on different vulnerable and marginalized groups (vulnerable and marginalized groups to be well-defined by major categories and listing provided for FGDs in methodology.
  • Making presentation of main findings on 1-day data workshop for presenting the preliminary results of the SIA held on September 30, 2022 at the World Bank Office, Islamabad.