Micro-data Analysis of Labour Force Survey data using STATA

To develop capacity of the Professionals in developing their understanding of the Pakistan Labour Force Survey, its methodology and micro-data, then using micro-data to analyze and compute various indicators of labour market using STATA, interpret the results, the following training schedule is proposed with hands-on Training on Computation of selected key indicators of the labour market (KILM):

S. No

Time Lines


Learning Objective


Day 1

i) Introduction to Pakistan Labour Force Survey and LFS 2014-15 Questionnaire

ii) Survey methodology

Develop understanding of Pakistan Labour Force Survey


Day 2

i) Random sampling, representative sampling by provinces, by region and by sex

ii) Introduction to micro-data of Labour Force Survey 2014-15

Develop understanding about survey techniques


Day 3

i) Introduction to STATA package for micro-data analysis

ii) Basic STATA Commands and generating tables

iii) Introduction to selected Key Indicator of Labour Market (KILM)

Develop ability to analyze micro-data using STATA package

To develop comprehension of key labour market indicators


Day 4

i) Hands on training on computation of Basic LFS tables by region, gender and province using micro-data of LFS 2014-15

ii) Hands on training on computation of KILMs for Pakistan, by sex, by province etc. using micro-data of Labour Force Survey 2014-15

To demonstrate computation of basic tables and KILMs using labour force micro-data


Day 5

i) Computation of a few basic KILM indicators by trainees, by region, gender and by province

ii) Test of significance

iii) Interpretation of data

Enable trainees compute labour market indicators using micro data of Pakistan LFS