(April 2022-Present)

Study on Qualitative Data Collection - Status of Home-based Workers in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Under this assignment outsourced by World Bank, PRIDE carried out following activities:

  • Finalization of research tools for focus group discussion and key informant interviews, as well as translation of the tools into local language(s).
  • Preparation of a comprehensive field implementation plan.
  • Identifying home-based workers for the FGDs in two districts each of KP and Balochistan as well as relevant officials from government, development partners, NGOs, and trade unions for key informant interviews
  • Managing all logistics including organizing the venue and meals for the FGD’s as well as the stipend/travel allowance for participants for attending the FGD’s. For interviews, the firm will be responsible for setting up the appointments and managing travel accordingly.
  • Hiring staff as per the assignment’s requirements including researchers and skilled facilitators well versed in local languages to conduct the FGDs and KIIs.
  • Collection of qualitative data in the form of FGDs and KIIs during the fieldwork
  • Transcribing, coding, and documenting of data for sharing with World Bank team.
  • Preparation of final report of findings for presentation to World Bank team.