Policy Research

Pride Pakistan is a firm dedicated to promoting evidence-based research, assisting in economic and social policy formulation and designing capacity building plans to improve performance of institutions and quality of human resource. Pride Pakistan was registered as sole proprietorship in 2017, with main office in Islamabad and its CEO is Dr. Lubna Shahnaz Umer. Pride provides research and advisory services in a diverse range of areas/ topics, which include labour and employment, poverty and inequality, gender mainstreaming, migration and development, education and skill development, private sector development and project valuation etc. It has strong expertise in design and conduct of primary research (both quantitative and qualitative), from the design of data gathering tools to data analysis and development of final report. Pride Pakistan also designs and delivers trainings in survey design, questionnaire development, developing coding schemes, conducting focused group discussions, trainings in data analysis using STATA, Trainings on Key indicators of Labour Market (KILM) and training in data analysis and report writing. The PRIDE team has successfully completed assignment for a number of clients, which includes World Bank, ILO, Islamabad Office, Bangkok Office, New Delhi Office, Geneva Office, GIZ, Islamabad Office, Labour Departments of all four provinces, Bureau of Statistics, Govt. of Punjab, Lead Pakistan, USAID, UNDP and Oxfam.