Data Analysis

PRIDE team has the expertise and extensive experience in analyzing quantitative and qualitative data using tools (SPSS, STATA, NVivo etc.). PRIDE team has the experience of analyzing large national household survey micro-datasets of the household-based labour force survey of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Household Integrated Economic Survey, Pakistan Social and Living-standards Measurement Survey, Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey, Time Use Survey etc. The team can develop and implement various statistical models, interpret results of the analysis and draw conclusions. The team has developed dashboards to portray survey results. PRIDE has also the experience of analyzing qualitative data collected through focus group discussions and key informant interviews, apart from analyzing macro-data on major economic and social indicators. The team has the ability of data analytics for descriptive analysis (to look at what happened), diagnostic analytics (what are possible causes in the data), predictive analytics to forecast what can possibly happen, or prescriptive analytics (to offer solutions as to what should be done next.