Advisory Board

Dr. Aliya H. Khan

Labor Economist

Former Professor of Economics and former Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. She is associated in an advisory capacity as a Labor Economist with various governmental committees and international organizations on issues of Labor Policy, Labor Law Reform, Labor Standards & Labor Force Statistics. She holds membership of the Board of Directors, State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan and Board of Governors, Aurat Foundation. She is a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, State Bank of Pakistan and has also served as Central Labor Advisor at the Federal Ministry of Labor and as an Independent Member of the Punjab Minimum Wages Board. As an academic and economic researcher, she is deeply interested in issues of female labour force participation and has conducted independent research as well as supervised extensive Masters, MPhil and PhD research on this topic. Awarded the President’s Medal – Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah 2010 in the category of Higher Education in recognition of services rendered for economic empowerment of women by way of teaching and research.

Dr Sajjad Akhtar

Member Advisory Board

Dr Sajjad Akhtar, as a member of Advisory Board of PRIDE,, brings expertise in macroeconomic modeling, agriculture, monetary, poverty measurement and income distribution, education, labor, household studies, public finance, climate change and environment, and regional economics.Dr. Akhtar holds a PhD from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA. He has held senior positions at the Applied Economics Research Center (AERC), University of Karachi, at Social Policy and Development Center, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Center for Research on Poverty and Income Distribution, Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development, and Management Systems International. He is currently the Interim Chief Statistician of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Dr. Akhtar is well-versed in mathematical and statistical modeling of national economies, and social and economic sub-sectors. He is highly skilled in statistical soft wares such as SPSS, STATA, and EVIEWS. He has a wealth of experience in managing, conducting and providing leadership to economic research, evidence-based policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation of social and economic programs and data production systems.

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Dr. Arshad Zaman

Member Advisory Board

Dr. Arshad Zaman is a well-known Pakistani economist with over fifty years of policy analysis and advisory experience. He has served as Chief Economist of the Government of Pakistan in Islamabad and earlier as a Senior Economist with the World Bank in Washington, DC. After leaving the government, he was managing a private consulting firm until 2005. Since then, he has been engaged in independent studies and advisory activities. His current areas of interest are governance, public sector management, and economic strategies and policies.

Ms. Ina Pietschmann

Member Advisory Board

A renowned Labour Market Economist and Development Consultant with a substantial international work background joins PRIDE as a member of the Advisory Board. Her expertise lies in labour market statistics, research and analysis. She has the experience of work for the development of evidence-based strategies, policies, programs, and institutional frameworks aimed at fostering quality employment. She has been engaged in leading and conducting intricate analyses, research, diagnostic studies, and impact assessments to gain insights into labour market dynamics, challenges, and opportunities. Her areas of focus encompass labour market and employment governance, labour market transitions towards the future of work, including automation, labour migration, green jobs, and more. Her recent collaborations have been with the European Union, World Bank, International Labour Organization (ILO), German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), and Asian Development Bank (ADB) on projects for governments in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.